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The Business Leadership Series is a popular weekly radio show (ESPN) and a top-rated daily show in business category on Alexa skills, iTunes, & iHeartradio. Listeners download our show from over 90 countries to get inspiration from world ‘class guests. Derek’s interview style is conversational and he encourages the best from his guests.


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Derek Champagne launched the Business Leadership Series podcast, now a syndicated radio show (ESPN) with over 1,000 episodes to date, to spotlight intentional leadership at the highest level.

A serial entrepreneur from an early age, Derek Champagne has always been interested in fostering connections and finding an audience, both in marketing and in music. Now CEO of The Artist Evolution—a marketing, design and practice management firm he founded in 2007—Champagne helps businesses of all budgets design and implement marketing strategies that yield tangible results.

He has developed/managed brands and marketing campaigns in multiple industries, from start-ups to household

names. He has pioneered marketing strategies in the medical and dental communities, and has used his twenty-plus years of advertising, branding, and marketing experience to build a formidable business. He is a guest lecturer at business conventions and college business marketing classes covering marketing and social media subject matter.

Champagne is on the NFL Chaplain Advisory Counsel for the AIA, is endorsed by the ASDA as a trusted marketing resource, and is also an advisory board member and guest contributor for national publication, Dental Entrepreneur Magazine. Champagne is also a nationally published musician who has made musical contributions to the soundtracks of television shows on ABC, MTV, Bravo, Oxygen, and the E! Channel.
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What our listeners are saying

Daniel Bauer, 01/15/2018
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For Business Leaders
I live the actionable and inspirational advice shared by Derek. It challenges me to be a better business leader after engaging with the content. I highly recommend!
Soren S. Hansen, 01/13/2018
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Love it, thanks for sharing and spending your time
Derek, love it, thanks for sharing and spending your time and energy helping us see the value in what others have done before us and the importance of picking the right people to listen two. Thanks for being that person.
Kayla Fisher, 01/10/2018
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Excellent Man! Good at What He Does!
The Business Leadership Series podcast provided by Derek is an amazing program I never want to miss. He is insightful, knowledgeable, intelligent, and comprehensive. I also love his podcasts - exceptionally educational and informative. He promotes products and services that he has tested and trusted. I'm impressed by his level of competency in what he does. Never miss a time out with Derek!
Kathryn Burkhalter, 01/06/2018
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Derek is incredibly sharp and always has a great guest line up on his show. I know I can always count on great marketing insights and business advice from the BLS. Love having this in my daily briefing!
Morgan, 01/01/2018
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The Master of Marketing
Derek just doesn’t know his stuff, he shares it freely. This is like getting an MBA, except you don’t have a huge loan 🙂 Take the time and listen.
Jaime Jay, 11/31/2017
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Making Business Entertaining!
Derek nailed it! I love this show and really enjoyed being on the Business Leadership Series podcast. Derek's insight into the wonderful world of marketing and doing business the right way is both inspirational and entertaining. He has a knack for making business exciting. Thank you! Keep 'em coming!
Dr. Michael Hudson, 05/24/2019
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Valuable insight in a convenient form
Love this way to access insights from Derek's Business Leadership Series podcast conveniently and in small bites. WELL DONE! A great way to kick off your day or just take a short break and stimulate your mind.
WildBirdsofJoy 01/23/2018
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Great insight on marketing and business
This is a great briefing brought by Derek where he explains his insights into marketing, leadership, business and life. From his many years of experience running his own successful business Derek brings his insights that will certainly help any business person grow professionally and personally.
Tom Schwab, 01/16/2018
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Add this one to your daily morning routine
After reading his book DON'T BUY A DUCK, I started to listen to Derek's podcast THE BUSINESS LEADERSHIP SERIES. I was thrilled to find out he had an Alexa briefing. I always learn something from Derek. Often it helps my marketing, but it always helps my life. He is a man you need to learn from
Archieval Alibasa, 01/16/2018
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Lots of good information to motivate and inspire you
If you need a good resource to sharpen up on your business and leadership skills. Derek's podcast series should be on top of your list. I consider this a must-have for people looking to take their craft to the next level.
Slapshot Jay , 12/04/2017
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Absolute Blast
Thank you to one of the all-time most amazing podcast hosts, Derek Champagne for creating a platform to share inspiring entrepreneurial stories. I love everything about Derek and what he does for so many. I can't recommend the 'Business Leadership Series' enough! Listen to the show today!
Tom Rubens, 05/23/2019
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Derek brings out the best in his guests!
Love this podcast! Derek's generosity as a host, helps the listener find the gifts the guest brings to the show.
A. Gustafson, 12/29/2017
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Derek brings out the best i his guests!
As a business owner, I need things fast and concise, this podcast just fits the bill! On site for content, inspiring gas, and fantastic content makes it even better! Well done!
Steala&simi, 10/07/2020
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Love it!
This show always delivers world-class guests who share their stories and wisdom generously.
Lindsey Makitalo , 07/21/2019
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Awesome podcast!
Derek Champagne does an amazing job and gives so much value with this podcast!
Katie Joy B. , 07/17/2019
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Legendary Leaders!
Derek and his stellar guests shine the brightest of lights on what it means to be a leader! Bold, insightful, and engaging are just a few of the words I’d use to describe the time you’ll spend with them. You’ll get tons of actionable advice and tangible tips, but you’ll also get heaps of inspiration from truly engaging individuals that have been where you are and want to see you succeed. Thanks for putting out such a superb show Derek - keep up the great work!
yigaladato , 04/10/2017
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So much value!
Derek and his podcast give so much value to us listeners. The guest are great, the questions he asks are relevant, and the quality is spot on.
mshowell Jr , 09/08/2017
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A wealth of information!
Derek's guests have great insight into creating, running and building a business! If you're just starting out or have an established business you will hear vauleable tips and tricks from his guests.
Don Hutcheson , 09/19/2017
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Insightful, Actionable and Fun
I just had the great pleasure of being a guest on Derek's show. I've done dozens of interviews over the past year, and can honestly say Derek is at the top of the list of insightful hosts who bring out the best in guests, to the benefit of all. Well done and wish you continuing success, Derek!
Chatbot Nation , 12/26/2017
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Top Notch In Leadership
I've been a leader in various roles and industries for over 20 years and I learn something new everytime I listen to one of Derek's interviews. His ability to choose guests and interview makes it worth my time investment. Keep up the great work Derek!

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